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Update Log:

2022 April 29

hey sorry for the long disappearence bushing up on my html so i can start getting this place in order

August 11

october 8

finally got internett back will begin updates again :) i wanna make this place more lively soon

August 11

chapter 8 completed and page 64 fixed yay updates will still be slowish as my arm recovers hope to start site renovations tomorrow or this weekend i wanna fix the layout some more work better on mobile of tablet and start setting up more pages.

July 18

ch7 completely uploaded will be implementing a new comment system soon to allow for no adds as well as anon coments

July 13

added page to collect and source various gifs used on the site might also put any i make for fun on there as well

July 4

ch 6 kind of a mini chapter but i wanted to get 2 done this week due to the lack of one last week

July 3

ch5 of wirlwind uploaded

June 16

more scans edited index page should no longer look wierd on mobile.

Jun 11th 2021

redid scan gallery should load faster and be more mobile phone friendly will add new chapters soon and fix main page tomorrow

May 29th 2021

more scans and fixed gallery thumbnail issue (wrong image displayed when clicked) still need to fix random gaps but everything is now working. might change gallery type. Plan to have art or links pages up next month

may 7th 2021

more scans and some small fixes

April 13th 2021

uploaded a few scans

April 9th 2021

update log started, keep an eye on here for new stuff


A bit bare bones at the moment but soon to be a blog for my art, scans, useful links and robot centric ramblings